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Discovering Siracusa

A journey to tell you about 2750 years of history enclosed in a unique city like few others.
church of Siracusa
statues of Siracusa
anphitheater of Siracusa
apostolo statue
the sea and the castle of Siracusa
a girl on a bridge
Starting from the Archaeological Park of Syracuse, the ancient district of Neapolis, we will explore the city's astonishing vestiges of Greek and Roman times, such as the Greek theater, the latomie, the Altar of Hieron II, and the Roman amphitheater.

Tour Duration

Half day 4h
Full day 8h
Third parties service
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Discovering Taormina

Don’t miss this wonderful tour that will introduce you to what is commonly referred to as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea. The atmosphere in the streets, the architecture, the squares and monuments is truly unique. The grandiose Greco-Roman Theater is flanked by many other vestiges of a rich and complex grandeur.
Taormina experience
Taormina experience
Taormina experience
Taormina experience
Taormina experience
boat on the sea of Taormina experience
Founded in 358 B.C. by Andromachus, Taormina was developed around an Agora, on whose foundations the Roman Forum was established. In the immediate vicinity you can admire the remains of monumental buildings, both sacred (Temple of Aphrodite) and public (Roman Baths, Odeon). Not far away, next to Corso Umberto I, the great wall of the Naumachia, a monumental terrace from the Roman era, rises majestically.

Durata Tour

Half day 4h
Full day 8h
Third parties service
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Etna Jeep Tour

Goditi una sensazionale e facile escursione sull’Etna camminando su crateri estinti e scoprendo i segreti del vulcano con una vista indimenticabile della costa ionica.
jeep to the Etna volcano
Etna volcano
Etna volcano
Etna volcano erupting
Etna volcano
Etna excursion
Questa escursione di mezza giornata o intera giornata  sull’Etna è la soluzione per svelare tutta la bellezza dietro questo vulcano attivo ed un’ottima opzione per tutta la famiglia. In questo tour esplorerai una delle zone più uniche della Sicilia. L’esperienza inizia al mattino e dura dalle 4 alle 8 ore con focus sui principali siti del vulcano Etna.

Durata Tour

Mezza giornata 4h
Intera giornata 8h
Tour Personalizzato
Fornito da terze parti

Etna Tours

Comfort a 360 gradi. Per i nostri clienti vogliamo solo il meglio.
Ogni Esperienza presente nel nostro catalogo è personalizzabile.

E-bike Etna

Live a 100% green experience
Feel the wind in your hair, breathe the pure air, listen to nature, immerse yourself in a 100% Green experience on Mount Etna volcano.
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Lateral Craters Hike

Half day - Best Seller
Get to know easily the vulcano on extinguished craters
Discover more

Cableway + Hiking

3 Hours
The hybrid solution to get closer to active craters
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Multi-Trail Hike

Full Day - Hiking lovers
Discover varied and wildest trails of the volcano
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Total Ascent of Etna

Long hiking- skilled hikers
The challenging uphill ways to the summit craters, just hike to the top
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Etna 3300 Tour

Long hiking
I want to see the active craters of Etna- 4x4 & hike to the top
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More things to do

Maximum comfort. We want only the very best for our clients.
Every Experience in our catalog is fully customizable
Boat Picture

Boat Rental

Boat Rental available for those
seeking to discover the sea of Sicily
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Boat Excursion Sunset

Boat Trip

Enjoy a unique experience. From the Polyphemus Faraglioni of Acitrezza, to the renowned Isola Bella of Taormina
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Gole Dell'alcantara picture

Tour Alcantara Gorges

Have fun among lava rocks and rapids
Enjoy an experience among the columnar lava rocks and rapids in the Alcantara River.
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Puleera F&B Experience

Preparing a drink

Bartender Night

A unique experience! Choose one of the special cocktails by “Art in Cocktail” or order your favorite one and enjoy a relaxing evening with family and friends
10 pax minimum
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Barberque grill

Barbeque Night

BBQ at the sunset
Plan a sunset barbecue in our patio. We will be happy to assist you choose the best ingredients and prepare a delicious barbeque.
5 pax minimum
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Tasting Red Wine

Sommelier Tasting

A sommelier will offer a selection of local wines in the old winery. It is an experience that will enrich your knowledge of local culture.
5 pax minimum
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Puleera Lab

A series of workshops, for our guests, to learn while having fun, challenging themselves, having new and delicious experiences all about food preparation.
Making pizza

Pizza Lab

Have fun and learn how to make a traditional pizza in a stone and wood-burning oven.
Min. 5 – Max. 15 participants
*Third parties service
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Making Pasta

Pasta Lab

WE LOVE pasta
Learn how to make pasta using the old D'Amico’s family recipes.
Min. 4 – Max. 10 participants
*Third parties service
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Cannoli Siciliani

Cannoli Lab

WE LOVE dessert
You will learn how to prepare the ricotta and to fill the traditional wafers to make the oldest and most famous Sicilian dessert; the “cannolo".
Min. 4 – Max. 10 participants
*Third parties service
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